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                                                                    & Fisheries Fund

                                BRÚ BREWERY

                                James Dunne               TELEPHONE
                                COMPANY ADDRESS           EMAIL
                                Unit 5, Site 6  
                                Oaktree Business Park     WEB

        BRÚ Brewery was set up in September 2013 by Daire and Dave.  Based in Trim, Co. Meath,
        the duo tirelessly pursues their founding goal - to produce quality handcrafted beer for

        BRÚ Brewery’s award-winning beers are made from 100% Irish wheat and barley, are
        chemical-free, additive-free and preservative-free.

                                CARLOW CRAFT BREWERY

                                Seamus O’Hara             TELEPHONE
                                COMPANY ADDRESS           EMAIL
                                Muine Bheag Business Park
                                Royal Oak Road            WEB

        One of the pioneers of the Irish craft beer movement, Carlow Brewing was established in
        1996. The company has a passion for good beer, channelling its expertise into what is now
        considered Ireland’s leading craft brewery.

        Carlow Brewing has won numerous awards, most notably several Gold Medal gongs at
        various festivals across the globe, as well as Best in Category at the 2015 Irish Whiskey

        It also prides itself in being export ready.

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