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                               Jeanne Mahony              TELEPHONE
                               COMPANY ADDRESS            EMAIL
                               Unit 1           
                               Howth Junction Business Park  WEB

       Founded at the end of 2015, Hope is owned by a group of old school friends with a passion
       for beer and business. It has been brewing from its own state-of-the-art brewery at Howth
       Junction since June 2016.

       Hope has a tight team comprising of six people. This includes a brewing team headed
       up by Mark Nixon and three front-of-house staff  who focus on selling, marketing and
       managing the business.

                                KILLARNEY BREWING & DISTILLING

                                Barry Spellman            TELEPHONE
                                COMPANY ADDRESS           EMAIL
                                Muckross Road   
                                Killarney                 WEB

        The founding partners of Killarney Brewing Company have restored the old Killarney
        Mineral Water drinks facility to its former glory. It is now one of Ireland’s most exciting
        new independent craft breweries and taprooms.

        The unique layout and design ooze old world charm and new world ambiance, paying
        homage to “old school” Killarney yet in a sleek, industrial setting.

        Killarney Brewing Company specialises in the production of what it believes is Ireland’s
        fi nest range of craft beers. All its beers are named after local myths and legends, evoking
        emotions of all things Killarney.

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