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                               Andreas Falt               TELEPHONE
                               COMPANY ADDRESS            EMAIL
                               Head Offi  ce    
                               Porterhouse Brewing Company  WEB

       Opened in 1996 on Parliament Street, the Porterhouse Temple Bar was the fi rst Brew
       Pub to open in Dublin.  It was also the fi rst pub in the city to resolutely refuse to serve
       internationally recognised brands, trusting the pub-going public to embrace its own
       produce, plus a selected range of Irish and International beers.

       Two decades on, that trust has proved to be well founded. Five years after setting up in
       Temple Bar, capacity issues necessitated a move to a standalone brewery In Ballycoolin,
       North Dublin.  The continued expansion of the Porterhouse Group combined with an
       increasing demand for craft beer has meant a move to a 30000HL state-of-the-art facility
       and a visitor centre in Glasnevin.

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