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Hello from Bord Bia’s Alcohol Team!

         Welcome to our new Irish Craft Beer and Cider Cata-
         logue, a facility that will help you easily identify suppli-
         ers that are appropriate to your requirements.

         Ireland has a long and world-renowned heritage in brewing
         beers. It is home to the most iconic stout in the world and the
         craft beer surge that has taken place since the 2010 has brought
         an expansive range of innovative styles to both the Irish public
         and the world. Stemming from expertise passed down through

         In 2012 there were 15 craft breweries, today there are more than
         75 breweries in the Republic of Ireland. This growth has taken
         place while the consumption of beer in Ireland is declining, but
         consumption of craft beer is rising. In 2017 the consumption of
         beer declined by 2.1%, but the consumption of Irish craft beer
         rose by 12.7%. Irish independent microbreweries currently hold
         less than 3% domestic market share.

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