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About Bord Bia

          Bord Bia - The Irish Food Board is an Irish
          government agency with responsibility for
          the promotion and marketing of Irish food
          and drink. The organisation has a total of 16
          offices located in Europe, Asia, Africa, North
          America and The Middle East.
          Bord Bia’s international network plays a
          key role in assisting the Irish dairy industry
          develop business in markets through
          a range of services including bespoke
          research, buyer-supplier contact events
          and participation at trade fairs.


          Irish Dairy Farming                 2
          Irish Dairy Industry                4
          Origin Green                        6
          At Farm Level                       8
          At Manufacturing Level              9
          Why Choose Irish Dairy?             10
          Dairy Processors HQ Locations       12
          Directory of Irish Dairy Processors
          and Suppliers                       13
          Processor Capabilities              20
          Bord Bia Overseas Offices           22
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