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          Irish Dairy Industry

          Ireland exports over €4 billion of dairy   Ireland exported 302,378mt of cheese in
          products every year, making it the largest   2019, and is particularly well known for its
          food and drink export category. Ireland is   cheddar cheese production. The industry is
          renowned for the production of quality dairy   continuing to enhance its cheese making
          products and ingredients.           capabilities in other varieties such as
                                              mozzarella and continental cheeses.
          Ireland has a population of less than
          five million people, yet it produces   Ireland has earned a strong reputation
          enough dairy to feed multiples of that.   for the production of dairy powders,
          What Ireland produces is influenced by   including fat filled, skim milk, casein, whole
          its seasonal grass growth and its dairy   milk and butter milk powders as well as
          production is focused on high quality   premium specialised nutrition, producing
          butter, cheese and powder products.   approximately 13% of the world’s infant milk
                                              formula. Multinational nutritional companies
          Ireland is synonymous with grass fed
          butter and is home to the world renowned   have chosen to locate in Ireland owing to its
          Kerrygold brand – the number one butter   high quality milk pool and dairy ingredients
          brand in Germany and second in the USA.  that meet the rigorous standards and
                                              regulations needed to supply this sector.

        Domestic Milk Intake
                                                              Domestic Milk Intake


       Billion Litres  4


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       Source: CSO Ireland
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