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          Irish Dairy Farming

          Ireland’s dairy industry is built on
          the tradition of intergenerational
          family-farming.                       7.98 billion litres

                                                 Irish milk production increased
                                                 by over 5% in 2019 to reach 7.98
                                                 billion litres. In addition to the
                                                 growth in milk production volumes,
                                                 there has been an increase in
                                                 both fat and protein levels in Irish
                                                 milk deliveries in recent years.

          17,000 farms

          These 17,000 family-run dairy farms
          utilise about one quarter of the
          grassland area in Ireland. The green
          fields, fresh clean air and plentiful
          supply of rain make Ireland the
          perfect place for dairy farming.

          1.5 million cows                       5,438 litres

          Irish dairy cow numbers                The average Irish herd size is 80 cows
          totalled 1.5 million in 2019.          with a milk yield of approximately
                                                 5,438 litres per cow per annum.
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