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        Clogherhead Fishermen’s Co-op was established in 1999 when a group of young, second and third
        generation fishermen, decided to pool their talent and resources together to a form a co-op to
        help maximize earnings and minimize costs associated with fishing activities. As a result, we now
        operate a 12-strong fleet of modern boats and an impressive collective of skilled manpower. Our
        owners/skippers are also a lot younger than the industrial average, entrepreneurs in their own right.
        We strive to provide the highest quality produce, we are proud of the provenance of both
        Clogherhead and Ireland. We also fish responsibly, in full knowledge of the importance of the sea
        providing a limited resource. All the boats operate to full HACCP and environmental management
        system, and have being awarded the seafood quality mark by Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM). Our boats
        and premises onshore, have been evaluated by Global Trust Certification Ltd. in accordance with
        the requirements of EN45011 / ISO Guide 65.

        We fish off the Irish coast from Clogherhead, right round to Galway and all products are brought
        back to Clogherhead for onward distribution to customers in Ireland, UK and continental Europe.
        The Co-op employs 6 fulltime onshore, has a turnover of over €18m and over 100 crew members
        risk their lives at sea in all sorts of conditions.

        Our shareholders are all second and third generation fishermen, working up through the ranks to
        present day boat owners. Dealing with us is dealing directly with the frontline fishermen.

         Contact:            Paul Boyd
         Business Phone:     +353 419881403  -  +353 87 2298276
         Address:            Port Oriel, Clogherhead, Co. Louth

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