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        Emerald Mussels, the premier shellfish producer in Ireland is the first producer of
        seabed cultured mussels worldwide classified by the EU as Organic and which carry
        the EU Organic Logo. In order to produce this premium grade product, mussel seed
        must first be collected from natural settlement areas around the Irish coast. It is vital
        that we preserve this natural settlement and the Organic logo is the guarantee that
        this is carried out in a sustainable manner. The wild seed is then placed into sheltered
        bays around the coast of Ireland to protect them from ocean currents and storms
        surrounding Ireland. All bays chosen are carefully monitored and again organic
        certification ensures this process is managed with respect for the nature and diversity
        of the bay. The Organic Irish mussels are then given the opportunity to grow naturally
        in the pristine waters of these bays and that’s what gives Organic Irish Mussels a unique
        taste and flavour. The mussels are left in nature’s hands and can take up to three years
        to grow to maturity. Once they reach market size they are harvested and only Organic
        Irish Mussels ensure that any fouling on the mussel is removed either by hand or
        physical means. Organic Irish mussels are never cleaned by chemical means.
        Besides mussels the company’s extensive product range includes all fresh shellfish -
        mussels, oysters, lobsters, winkles, crabs, clams, razors etc. The product is supplied fresh
        daily within one day to European customers and is sold under the Premier and Emerald
        brands. Supplying both foodservice and retail sectors, all sales are generated through
        export. Quality is key for the company alongside offering continuity of supply. Quality
        accreditations/certifications include Organic, IQM, MSC & ECOPACT.

           Contact:      Krijn Verwijs Yerseke B.V.
           Business Phone:  +31 113 579 010

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