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        With over 150 years’ experience in the shellfish industry, this family owned business
        is Ireland’s leading premium seafood specialist. Based on the rugged west coast of
        Ireland, near Westport, Connemara processes a diverse range of premium shellfish,
        including fresh, chilled, pasteurised, organic and frozen. All products are exported to
        European, Asian and US markets.
        Operating under the powerful brand Connemara, the company has built an enviable
        reputation in a global marketplace as a specialist in highly innovative, premium
        quality shellfish where food safety is paramount. With a keen eye for detail in a truly
        competitive market, each product is superbly presented and keenly priced. Connemara
        Seafoods’ expertise combines a deep knowledge of the marine and its natural
        environment with an innate understanding of what’s necessary to produce nature’s
        best shellfish products for the international marketplace.

        The unique core values of the brand have been brought to life through a distinct
        identity that captures the true essence of Connemara Seafoods. This identity evokes
        a strong sense of origin - the wild Atlantic west coast - and marries it with deep
        traditions, knowledge and expertise. Together these elements illustrate Connemara
        Seafoods’ enviable position as a premium producer with a commitment to exemplary
        products, dedicated to harvesting the best raw material from the cleanest waters of

           Contact:      Ann Marie Mulloy
           Business Phone:   +353 98 41000
           Cell Phone:   +353 87 224 9859
           Address:      Seafood House, Kilmeena, Westport, Co. Mayo

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