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        Known all over the world as the ‘Green Isle’, the island of Ireland is surrounded by one of its
        greatest natural resources – the sea.  Off the west coast, the rough waves of the Atlantic Ocean
        merge with warm Gulf stream flows, and then combine with the cold fresh waters that run to the
        seas from the Irish bog lands.  These clean, unpolluted waters are rich in aquatic life and form an
        exceptional environment  for the production of seafood.

        The unique conditions in Europe’s western waters have created an environment that support a
        thriving seafood industry and employs an estimated 14,000 people.  It is the life-blood of some of
        the oldest rural and coastal communities in the country.
        The Irish seafood industry lands an estimated 21,000 tonnes of whitefish annually with whiting,
        hake, haddock, monkfish and megrims amongst the most commonly produced species.
        Ireland’s close proximity to the richest of the Atlantic fishing grounds means that the fish can be
        landed shortly after catch, ensuring unrivalled freshness.  A modern and well maintained Irish
        fishing fleet ensures optimum handling and hygiene conditions on board for the catch.
        Irish wild fisheries are controlled by the European Total Allowable Catch (TAC) and quota
        management system.  Many species fished in Irish waters come under particular environmental
        quality schemes such as the ‘Irish Seafood Development Agency’ (BIM) Responsibly Sourced
        Seafood Standard (RSS).  This exacting standard is accredited to ISO /IEC 17065 by the Irish
        National Accreditation Board.  It provides comprehensive assurance that everything from care of
        the catch, traceability and provenance to environmental management, education and awareness
        of Irish seafood are executed to the highest international standards.  Quality guides help Irish
        fishermen assess the quality of their catch and encourage good management practices in
        handling, gutting, icing, packing and storing fish.

        Total whitefish exports for 2019 were worth €58 million.  The core export markets for Irish
        whitefish are Spain, France and the UK.

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