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Bord Bia Bloom
         Exhibitor Profiles 2020

                                Aran Islands Goats Cheese

                                Gabriel Faherty           TELEPHONE
                                COMPANY ADDRESS           EMAIL
                                Aran Islands              WEB
                                Co. Galway      

        Aran Islands Goats Cheese comes from a family run goat farm based on Inishmore on the
        Aran Islands, making goats cheese soft and hard which won silver and bronze respectively
        in Cáis Irish Cheese awards last year. Their farm was runner up in the RDS Spring Show last
        April in Talamh Awards for Sustainable Farming. They have exhibited at Gifted food and
        craft fair in the RDS for the last two years. Gabriel is one of Failte Ireland’s Food Tourism
        Champions and last year received an award from the RAI for Best Local Food Hero for

                                Ballyhoura Mushrooms

                                Lucy Deegan               TELEPHONE
                                COMPANY ADDRESS           EMAIL
                                Ballylanders              WEB
                                Co. Limerick    

        Since 2011, the company has grown into a business that now grows in excess of 10
        varieties of speciality mushrooms year round. The mushrooms are predominantly grown
        on wood substrate and all are grown in the absence of chemicals or pesticides. The
        company is based in the Ballyhoura Mountains that border the counties of Cork, Limerick
        & Tipperary in Ireland. Their aim is to grow and supply the finest possible quality speciality

        mushrooms and mushroom products.
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