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        Bord Bia - the Irish Food Board - aims to drive through market insight, and in
        partnership with industry, the commercial success of a world class Irish food, drink
        and horticulture industry. Bord Bia has 13 offices overseas in Europe, Asia and North
        America, in order to promote trade in international markets.

        Bord Bia, through its international office network, plays a key role in assisting the
        Irish seafood sector in developing sales in a number of emerging seafood markets.
        Through the range of services provided to seafood clients in areas such as trade
        research, customer profiling, buyer-supplier contact events, in-store and online seafood
        promotions and trade awareness events, Bord Bia has been instrumental in assisting
        the Irish seafood sector establish a foothold in these markets.

        Bord Bia is proud to host the Ireland stand at this year’s Seafood Expo North America.
        There are 8 companies exhibiting on the Bord Bia stand, specializing in all types of Irish
        seafood, from EU organic salmon to wild caught shellfish and pelagics. Whether you
        are an importer, wholesaler or distributor, you are sure to find an Irish seafood product
        that meets your needs.

        Irish seafood overview

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