Page 20 - Craft Beer and Independent Microbreweries in Ireland 2018
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Current Performance of the Independent Microbrewery Sector

      the more pessimistic outlook expressed by some brewers points to a changed
      market. While the rate of entry continues to be high, this is unlikely to be
      sustained in the near future, without further brewery closures.

      A full analysis of the reasons for the changed market conditions are outside
      the scope of this report. However, as part of the survey, brewers were given
      the opportunity to comment on any matter that they wished to raise. By far the
      most common issue raised was the extent to which the sector was being held
      back in the on-trade by difficulties in gaining access to taps.

      2.4    Size Structure and Output
      Of the 70 breweries in mid-2018 that were also in production in 2017, 31 or
      44.3% produced 500hl of beer or less in that year. A further 14 or 20.0% of
      breweries produced between 500hl and 1000hl of beer, so that two-thirds
      of microbreweries produced 1,000 hl or less. Only 11% of microbreweries
      produced more than 5,000hl in 2017 (see Table 2.2).
      Some of the 31 microbreweries that were in the 500hl of beer or less category,
      produced only very small amounts, so that this group accounted for 6,500hl
      in aggregate or just over 4% of the total output of the sector. In contrast, the 8
      microbrewers that produce more than 5,000hl accounted for 84,000hl in total or
      56.3% of the output of the sector. Thus, the output of the microbrewing sector is
      dominated by relatively few microbrewers.

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