Page 19 - Craft Beer and Independent Microbreweries in Ireland 2018
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Current Performance of the Independent Microbrewery Sector

      Source: Compiled by the author based on survey data; refers to 75 production microbreweries in operation in
      2.3     Output
      The output of craft beer by independent production microbreweries amounted
      to some 157, 000 hectolitres (hl) in 2017.  This represents a 10.7% increase on
      the 2016 figure of 142, 000 hl.  In absolute terms, output rose by 15, 000hl.
      This represents a significant reduction in the rate of growth of output of recent
      years. In 2016 and 2015, output grew by 31% and 56% respectively Almost 20%
      of microbreweries experienced a decline in output in 2017, an increase on last
      year’s figures of one in six.

      As part of the survey, microbreweries are asked about their anticipated output
      for the current year (2018). Usually, microbreweries tend to take an optimistic
      viewpoint of their situation. However, almost one in eight microbreweries are
      anticipating that their output will not increase in 2018.
      The slowdown in the rate of growth of output overall, the brewery closures and

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