Page 18 - Craft Beer and Independent Microbreweries in Ireland 2018
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Current Performance of the Independent Microbrewery Sector

      Table 2.1 presents the estimated number of new entrants in the past few years.
      As may be seen, the peak year for new entrants was 2014, when 19 production
      microbreweries entered the market.
      Table 2.1: Estimated Number of New Production Microbreweries, 2014-2018

                   Year to Mid                    Number of New Entrants

                      2014                                   9
                      2015                                  19
                      2016                                  12
                      2017                                  10
                      2018                                  10

      Source: compiled by the author

      Ten new microbreweries entered the market in the year to mid-2018. However,
      new entrants were partly offset by failures: it is estimated that over the last
      two years, seven production microbreweries have gone out of business, with
      five failures in the year to mid-2018 alone.  The emergence of a significant
      failure rate is a new departure and reflects changed market circumstances for
      independent production microbreweries.

      The high rate of new entry means that the majority of existing microbreweries
      have been in existence for a few years only. Of the 75 microbreweries in
      existence, 57 have entered the market in the last five years

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