Page 16 - Craft Beer and Independent Microbreweries in Ireland 2018
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Current Performance of the Independent Microbrewery Sector

      2.     Current Performance of the

             Independent Microbrewery Sector

      2.1    Introduction
      This section of the report reviews the current state of the microbrewery sector.
      It sets out the number of breweries in operation, their output levels, production
      capacity and market share as well as other relevant statistics.

      2.2    Number of Microbreweries
      In broad terms, microbrewing comprises two different types of brewing
       •  Microbreweries which produce beer on their own premises for sale on or off the

       •  Brand owners that source all of their product from production microbreweries.

      Throughout the report, those that produce beer in their own right are referred
      to as “production microbreweries”. These include pubs, hotels and restaurants
      that have a brewery on their premises. The focus of this report is on these
      production microbreweries.

      Those that contract out production are referred to as “brand owners”. Some
      brand owners that are in the process of establishing their own brewing plant go
      through an initial contract phase, before commencing production in their own

      It is estimated that in mid-2018, there were over 125  microbrewing companies
      operating in the Republic of Ireland, of which 75 were independent production
      microbreweries and the remainder were brand owners.

      4 While every effort has been made to identify all existing microbreweries, it is possible that a small number may
      have been missed, particularly among brand owners.
      5  It should be noted that data from all of the 75 microbreweries was not uniformly available. As a result, many of
      the tables presented below are based on a lower number of microbreweries than 75.

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