Page 13 - Craft Beer and Independent Microbreweries in Ireland 2018
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Executive Summary

      1.2 Methodology
      Based on an internet search and ICBI and industry sources, a list of
      microbreweries was developed and these microbreweries were subject to
      an electronic survey during the period July to September 2018. The response
      rate to the survey was high, with 57 or 79% of the microbreweries that were
      surveyed responding. Of these, 52 provided comprehensive data, amounting to
      a 72% effective response rate. The data in the report is based on this survey and
      other research carried out by the author.

      Appendix 1 discusses the organisation of the survey, provides details of the
      response rates achieved.

      1.3    Layout of the Report
      The report is organised as follows: Section 2 summarises the recent
      performance of the independent microbrewing sector in Ireland in terms of
      output, revenues and market share. The product and operational characteristics
      of the industry are described in Section 3. Section 4 assesses the impact of the
      microbrewing sector on the economy. Future growth prospects for the sector
      are discussed in Section 5. Section 6 presents conclusions.

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