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COMPANY SIZE                        Be different, be better and provide an
        Between $10m and $30m               excellent service
                                            Connemara Seafoods is:
        PRODUCT RANGE                       •   different because it supplies
        Connemara Seafoods processes fresh,     an extensive portfolio of fresh,
        chilled, pasteurised, organic and frozen   frozen, chilled, pasteurised shellfish
        shellfish. Products include Ready Meal   products
        solutions using Mussels, Crabs, Razor   •   better because it is flexible and
        Clams, Langoustine, Whelk, Oysters      adaptable to its customers’ needs
        etc.  Connemara is also involved in     focussed on delivering the best
        the production of natural functional    quality products, on time every
        ingredient solutions made from seaweeds   time, to its customers
        and seafood.
                                            •   Irish Seafood Exporter of the Year
        Leading global food retailers, food service
        distributors and industrial users.
                                            •   Irish Seafood Exporter of the Year
                                            •   Irish Small Firms Association - Food
        100% Export
                                                and Drink category Award 2008

        BRAND/PRIVATE SPLIT                 •   Irish Small Firms Association - Food
        80% Branded                             and Drink category Award 2009
                                            •   Irish Small Firms Association
        NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT                 National Awards Overall Winner
        Seafood ready-meal solutions            2009

        USPs                                ACCREDITATIONS
        Our Customer Value Proposion:       •   BRC Issue 7 Grade AA Higher Level
        •   Capacity                        •   IQM (Irish Quality Mussels)
        •   Sustainable                     •   Eco standard based on ISO 14001
        •   Positive release system         •   EU Organic Standard
            (food safety controls)
                                            •   FDA Registered
        •   Product portfolio
                                            •   HACCP
        •   Responsive and flexible
                                            •   Origin Green
        •   Providence supplier

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