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                                Morgan Ging               TELEPHONE
                                COMPANY ADDRESS           EMAIL
                                Kyle, Ballykeefe
                                Cuff esgrange             WEB
                                Kilkenny, Ireland

        Ballykeefe Distillery was established in Kilkenny, June 2015, on Morgan and Anne Ging’s
        family farm.
         It manufactures a range of products, including double and triple distilled single pot still
        Irish whiskey; double and triple distilled single malt Irish whiskey; poitín; gin; and vodka.

         The distillery was established to complement and diversify operations on the farm, which
        began as a beef and tillage operation. The creation of the fi rst on farm whiskey distillery in
        Ireland in over 200 years has revived a lost tradition, making the company a unique fi eld-
        to-glass operation.

                                BARR AN UISCE IRISH WHISKEY

                                Jason Stubbs              TELEPHONE
                                COMPANY ADDRESS           EMAIL
                                Wicklow Hills Whiskey Ltd
                                Redcross                  WEB
                                Wicklow, Ireland

        Barr an Uisce is an Irish whiskey company based in Redcross, Co. Wicklow. The company
        is developed by an enterprising family who have been members of the Redcross
        community since the 1800s.

        Barr an Uisce creates small batch craft Irish whiskeys that are pure in taste. Since its
        launch in 2016, the company has won many international awards, including being
        named ‘Favourite Irish Whiskey’ by The New York Times. Its products are available in 10
        international markets.

        Using ingredients from Wicklow, Barr an Uisce is currently laying down its own whiskey,
        which will mature in a number of years.

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