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Hello from Bord Bia’s Alcohol Team

         Welcome to our new Premium Spirits Catalogue, a
         facility that will help you easily identify suppliers that
         are appropriate to your requirements.

          Ireland has a long and celebrated heritage in distilling and is
         home to some of the most iconic spirits brands in the world. The
         Irish alcohol sector has experienced unprecedented growth over
         the last five years, with exports more than doubling in value
         since 2013 to  €1.45bn in 2019.

         Growth has largely been driven by Irish whiskey, which is among
         the fastest growing spirits categories in the world, and which
         saw exports valued at €727m in 2019. The US is by far its most
         important market, followed by the UK, Canada, Germany and
         France. Irish cream liqueur, meanwhile, has also entered a pe-
         riod of sustained growth, with exports growing by 19% in value
         terms over the past four years to €342m in 2019. From a much
         smaller base, the Irish gin category is also performing well, with
         exports worth more than €9m in 2019, reflecting 17% growth

         These impressive performances, combined with buoyant do-
         mestic consumption of premium spirits, have set the stage for
         significant investment by both established players and new
         entrants. In 2013, the number of operational distilleries in the

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