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European Maritime
                                                                    & Fisheries Fund

        COMPANY SIZE                             with a full crab meat extraction
        Over $30m                                line allowing us to process crab all
                                                 year round and use the full crab in
        SPECIALISTS IN                           our recipes, making full use of the
        Fishing, processing and exporting        valuable food source.
        worldwide live, fresh and frozen shellfish   •   All year round availability of Live
        from state of the art boats and production   Brown Crab with consistent superior
        facilities.                              quality.

        PRODUCT RANGE                         AWARDS
        •   Live: Brown Crab, Blue Lobster,   •   Seafood Enterprise of the Year- 2016
            Whelk, Sea Urchin, Oyster         •   Green Award Winner- 2016
        •   Frozen: Brown Crab, Velvet Crab,   •   Seafood Exporter of the Year- 2016
            Spider Crab, Blue Lobster, Whole   Product awards:
            Whelk, Whelk Meat, Dublin Bay     •   Signature taste crab meat SV 100g:
            Prawn, Scallop, Otter Clam, Crab
            Meat, Crab Claws, Squid, Cuttlefish,   1 Great Taste star- 2017
            White Fish                        •   Blas na hEireann: silver shellfish
                                                 Ireland crab claws 125g- 2015
        KEY CUSTOMERS                         •   Simply better tiger prawns 125g:
        Retail, Online, Wholesale and Foodservice  1 Great Taste star- 2015
                                              •   Shellfish Ireland crab meat 140g:
        DOMESTIC/EXPORT SPLIT                    1 star- 2015
        80% Export                            •   Irish crab meat:
                                                 1 Great Taste star- 2014
        BRAND/PRIVATE LABEL                   •   Irish crab claws:
        80% Branded                              1 Great Taste star- 2014

        USPs                                  ACCREDITATIONS
        •   We can offer customers a diverse   •   Higher Level IFS
            range of products from one company.   •   HACCP
        •   Our cooking system and live shellfish   •   Origin Green
            holding system are state of the art.
                                              •   FDA Registered
        •   We pride ourselves on catching the
            product in the most sustainable way   •   ISO 65
            and which is completely traceable.   •   IEC 17065
        •   We are the only Irish crab company

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