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        Jade Ireland Limited is a joint venture between three leading Irish Seafood companies
        to provide high quality seafood to the Chinese market. The companies, McBride
        Fishing, Shellfish Ireland and Sofrimar, are strategically located around the coast of
        Ireland with abundant access to high quality seafood from the pristine, cold unpolluted
        waters of the Atlantic and Irish seas.
        The integrated nature of the companies with access to owned fishing vessels means
        that seafood is caught and processed quickly, ensuring that only high quality, delicious
        seafood is provided to the market.

        Jade Ireland is supported by world class processing facilities enabling a broad range
        of seafood to be provided including processed and live crab, lobster, oysters , prawns,
        scallops and white fish. The group is a recognised leader in seafood, new product
        development and packaging innovation and has received multiple seafood awards.

           Contact:        Yan Zhao
           Business Phone:    +86 13817852468  /  +353 876605808
           WeChat:         yan13817852468
           Address:        Suite 733 Shanghai Centre, Nan Jing Xi Road, Shanghai

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