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        Our Live shellfish products are caught, carefully handled and stored by very
        experienced fishermen, with years of experience selecting and handling live Brown
        Crab and Blue Lobsters, for our many worldwide markets, and in doing so, the
        fishermen ensure that any undersize Brown Crab, spawning crab and soft white shell
        crab are carefully returned to the sea, allowing them to fully grow and mature into
        good quality crab for selection at a later date. Our Live Brown Crab are of the highest
        quality, high in protein and healthy low fat Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Our fishermen place
        their Pots on the sea bed, causing no damage to the Marine Environment.

        Our Vivier drivers have vast experience and are also trained to high grading and
        handling standards. We have 4 fully equipped Vivier trailers, each with 20 removable
        tanks, and we have our own Artic lorries, so we have complete control of our own
        transport needs, from collection at boat to delivery at Vivier wholesale customers in
        France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Our transport collection is also boosted by 4 small
        refrigerated trucks, collecting live shellfish from the many ports that we get supply
        from.  Our business has a very strong supply base, consisting of regular supply of
        brown crab from two company-owned 15m Vivier boats, each capable of catching
        an average of 15 tonnes per week, 2 smaller 6-10 metre Vivier boats, each capable
        of landing 6/8 tonnes per week; plus additional supply from another 10/15 smaller
        inshore boats based in Donegal, Mayo, Galway, Louth, Cork, Kerry, and in Northern
        Ireland, Antrim and Down, from which we source live brown crab, lobster, prawns,
        velvet crab, crayfish, shrimp, spider crab and winkles.

           Contact:      Jimmy White
           Business Phone:   +353 74 974 1590  /  +353 86 236 2376
           Address:      Atlantic Marine House, Killybegs, Co. Donegal

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