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         This directory is designed to be a reference point and act as a reminder of the
         various retailer route to market options available within the marketplace.
         While it contains a comprehensive list of retailers in the FMCG sector, it does
         not cover every small regional retailers, and producers should conduct further
         research for these regional operators.

         Contact details for each retailer’s head office have been provided, and
         producers should initially get in touch to establish the relevant category
         buyers name and direct contacts. Buyers tend to change category on a regular
         basis, and producers should not make any assumptions about who was buying
         for a particular category .

         Whether a producer is planning to approach a local store manager, or a buyer
         at a retailer head office there are a few general rules that apply .
         •   Always ensure that you have conducted sufficient research on the retailer
             ahead of making the approach .
              •   Have you visited a number of branches and conducted a gap
                 analysis on the category in which your product will be selling?
              •   Are you familiar with any formal research that has been conducted
                 on the category and trends within it?
              •   Do you understand enough about how this retailer operates, and
                 what their overall strategy is so that you can have an informed
                 meeting with the buyer?
              •   Have you a clear understanding of the commercial expectations
                 required by the retailer?
              •   Do you have an understanding of the supply chain requirements that
                 will be expected?

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