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        Rockabill Seafood Ltd is a family run seafood company going back three generations
        in the Price family and is now one of Ireland’s largest and leading premium quality
        seafood processers. The company specialises in live, fresh, frozen and cooked seafood
        products and invests time, capital and management effort to ensure the integrity of its
        business from seabed to plate.

        With facilities in the north, east and south of Ireland and also a plant on the east coast
        of England, all are certified to the highest industry standards with Rockabill’s head plant
        in Dublin, Ireland holding AA BRC food grade.

        The Price family is proud to own a fleet of 18 trawlers, one of the single biggest fleet
        owners in Ireland, all run by father and son team Bill and Alan Price. The Price family
        have always been involved in every aspect of the fishing industry from fishing at sea
        to processing the final product and having it ready for the end user. Rockabill also has
        10 factory vessels landing premium quality frozen-at-sea product, catching prawns,
        scampi, monkfish and squid in fishing grounds off Ireland and Scotland, including the
        Porcupine Bank, Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, north coast of Ireland and west coast of Scotland.
        In addition to this Rockabill Seafood handles product from up to 120 fishing boats
        ranging from day boats to frozen-at-sea factory boats.
        We at Rockabill Seafood invest year on year into our business and in 2017 we have built
        a state of the art cooking plant at our headquarters in Dublin, Ireland with all the latest
        technology to give the finest quality cooked seafood anyone can offer. All our shellfish
        is steamed cooked to lock in the natural juicy flavour of our Brown crab, lobsters,
        Prawns & whelks.

           Contact:      Alan Price
           Business Phone:  +353 1 841 7874
           Mobile Phone:   +353 87 958 3648
           Email:  -
           Address:      Stephenstown Industrial Estate, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

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