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        As an island on the edge of Europe, Ireland is surrounded by the cold clear waters of the
        wild Atlantic Ocean and some of the richest fishing grounds in the EU.
        Our location puts us uniquely close to a diverse range of fresh, premium quality seafood
        including Irish whelks, crab, oysters, lobster, scallops and langoustines. We are also
        renowned for our Irish organic Atlantic salmon and mussels.

        Our seafood producers not only adhere to the EU’s high food safety standards, but
        through their membership of Origin Green - Ireland’s leading edge national food
        sustainability programme - they do so much more.
        A proud member of the European Union (EU), our thriving fishing industry produces
        seafood according to the high food safety standards of the EU. An EU-operated quota
        system sets limits on the fish species that can be caught each year, supporting their
        long-term viability, while participation in environmental quality schemes provides
        comprehensive assurances around the traceability, provenance and environmental
        management of Ireland’s wild fish stocks. Ireland has pioneering credentials in the
        farming of seafood and is one of the world’s leading producers of organic Atlantic
        salmon. It also extensively farms organic mussels which are grown and harvested along
        the country’s wild Atlantic coastline.

        Ireland exports more than €600m worth of seafood to over 70 countries annually and
        Vietnam is growing in importance among them. Between 2017 and 2019 Irish seafood
        exports to Vietnam increased by more than 60% in value terms.    Bord Bia, the Irish Food
        Board, is playing a key role in increasing awareness of what Ireland’s seafood wealth
        can offer Vietnamese consumers. Bord Bia has recently established a market presence
        in Vietnam and from here, the message of responsibly sourced seafood from Ireland is
        one that will increasingly resonate. From the wild waters of the Atlantic to the discerning
        tables of Vietnam, Irish seafood is working in harmony with nature like nowhere else in
        the world.

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