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European Maritime
                    & Fisheries Fund
        Ireland enjoys a strong reputation as a source of natural, high quality food, drink and
        ingredients and with our temperate climate and our green countryside, we have
        started from a strong position for sustainable food and drink production.

        Working at both farm and manufacturing level, Origin Green clearly sets out Ireland’s
        ambition to become a world leader in the delivery of sustainable, high-quality food and
        drink products. Independently verified at every stage, this voluntary programme sees
        food manufacturers develop a sustainability plan that defines clear targets in key areas
        of sustainability, such as raw material sourcing, emissions, energy, waste, water,
        biodiversity and social sustainability including health and wellness.

        With the global population expected to rise by 2.4 billion before the year 2050,
        the world will need to produce up to twice as much food from increasingly limited
        resources. It has been said that over the next 40 years, we will have to produce as
        much food as we have in the last 8,000. In order to meet these challenges it requires
        everyone involved in the food industry to commit to producing more from less,
        necessitating the adoption of more sustainable practices. It is with these challenges in
        mind which led to the launch of Origin Green in 2012, an initiative by Bord Bia, the Irish
        Food Board.

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