Page 11 - Bord Bia | Craft Beer & Microbreweries in Ireland 2017
P. 11

Microbrewing is a much more labour intensive activity than conventional large
       scale brewing. Micro-brewing in Ireland is thirteen times more labour intensive than

       Every person employed in production micro-brewing is matched by another in the
       wider economy that supplies the industry.

       The craft brewing labour force earns incomes that are spent on goods and services
       produced in Ireland. The production of these goods and services also gives rise to
       employment. This induced employment is estimated to amount to 130 persons for
       2016. On this basis, the craft brewing industry supports almost 900 direct, indirect
       and induced jobs in Ireland.

       There are microbreweries in operation in 25 of the 26 counties, with the exception
       of Westmeath. Employment in the micro-brewing industry is thus very widely
       dispersed throughout the country, bring economic benefits throughout the country.

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