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European Maritime
                                                                    & Fisheries Fund

        COVID Ready:
        With a shelf life on fresh lines achieving 28 days+ and the ability to
        offer a wide and flexible range of product and packaging formats,
        Ballymaguire Foods can help customers save on labour, space
        requirements and food wastage. The simplicity of the offering provides
        solutions to many Covid concerns as finished components or meals
        lessens the need for skilled kitchen staff. Also, products can be in trays
        that can go straight to the oven or the deli counter, resulting in minimal

        Sustainability Credentials:
        Ballymaguire Foods believe strongly in having and constantly
        improving a sustainable business. They were one of the founding
        members of Origin Green and are currently working to create a fully
        operational zero food waste business on site. 100% of electricity
        requirements are generated from renewable sources.

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