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European Maritime
                                                                    & Fisheries Fund

        COVID Ready:
        Individual Ballymaloe Relish mini jars and dip pots provide an ideal
        solution for single serve offerings of a known and trusted Irish family
        brand.  Mini jars are also available for mayonnaise, pepper relish, steak
        sauce, cranberry sauce and mint jelly products. Perfect for breakfast/
        lunch service on side of plate, room service, take away or delivery
        boxes . Range of pasta sauces in 2.5ltr tubs delivers a great tasting,
        labour saving solution for any kitchen.

        Sustainability Credentials:
        A verified member of Origin Green, in 2019 Ballymaloe Foods
        eliminated non-recyclable plastics from their product range, moving
        pasta sauce retail lines to glass jars.  All foodservice packaging is easily
        recyclable.  The company has also introduced recycling and energy
        saving systems throughout their offices and production units, in
        addition to a rainwater harvesting initiative.

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